The first step…

Every journey, every single kind of adventure, starts with a couple of first steps. Launching is one such step.

What is Minus 41?

We are a group of friends and musicians who play together in the same band. Beside playing and performing with that band, we got an idea about writing and recording some new songs that we could release under another name. Just for the fun of it, without any rules or forced limitations – other than the promise that the new project wouldn’t take any time or energy from our main band. Minus 41 is that other name, and this is the official website for the Minus 41 project.

What is the plan?

Since this adventure has just started, we don’t really know where we are heading. There is no map, no defined target and no expectations. The one thing we do know is that Minus 41 will be all about the music, and the making of the music will be all about us letting our imagination and creativity go wild. Or, to explain it in a less interesting way, to make sure that we’re having fun in the studio. Will it work? Well, we don’t know. But we will give it a try.

What does “Minus 41” mean?

The name represents the temperature of the coldest winter days where we live, in northern Sweden. -41 degrees, which is pretty much the same in both the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales, just felt like a good name for a project born in this corner of the world.